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Nice Winters Hotel Berlin photos

Some cool winters hotel berlin images:

Beijing 1988
winters hotel berlin
Image by Nick Kenrick.
After spending the winter in India . Indonesia and Thailand we traveled thru China in the months of April and May 1988 . from Hong Kong and eventually up to Beijing , where we got the Trans-Siberian train to East Berlin ( via Mongolia and Moscow ) and then we hitch hiked back to London .
China was very different then to what it is now . everyone wore the blue or green Mao suits and few cars . only bicycles .
there were very few travelers .

and we had two currencies to negotiate with … there was usually only one hotel in each town we were allowed to stay in and with language difficulties it was a hard but rewarding struggle .

we visited Kunming , Dali , Lijiang , Chengdu , Yangshuo and more

Texture with thanks to Skeletal Mess

winters hotel berlin
Image by jackson_digital

Nice Berlin Visit photos

Some cool berlin visit images:

Robert Emmerich – 32 HDR At the roof of the Lower House of German Parliament in Berlin
berlin visit
Image by Robert Emmerich Photography
This is at at the the roof of the Lower House of German Parliament (Bundestag) at the Reichstag in Berlin. To visiting that building you need to register first and apply for a time slot… And after I get that, I did some serious tourist action and I was trying to get some good HDR shots that Day! The post processing was done with Photomatix and Photoshop CC. The pictures where taken with my Canon EOS 40D.

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