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Berlin Germany Hotel Booking

Berlin Germany Hotel Booking

Berlin Germany Hotel Booking

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Nice Euro Hotel Berlin photos

Some cool euro hotel berlin images:

„I Have a Dream“ 3/4
euro hotel berlin
Image by Hagens_world
Embassy of the United States, Berlin – Festival of Lights 2014, Berlin

The new 180 million euro Chancery building, conceptualized in 1996 by Moore Ruble Yudell, has its main entrance facing north towards the famous Pariser Platz. Its eastern side abuts an existing bank building, and the west side of the land faces a main highway. The south side also faces a street, towards the German Holocaust memorial. Pariser Platz is most famous for the Brandenburg Gate at its western entrance. The small Haus Sommer building, also housing a bank, is in between the northwest corner of the new U.S. Chancery and the Brandenburg Gate. Close to the Pariser Platz and the new Chancery is the Reichstag building, home to the German Bundestag. The significance of the new Chancery’s location, and the prestige it brings to the American Embassy is hard to overstate. Located on Pariser Platz, or on the same city blocks that surround Pariser Platz are the French and British embassies as well as the Hotel Adlon. With the exception of the Brandenburg gate, which was heavily damaged in World War II, all other former structures that surrounded Pariser Platz were destroyed during the war, or else demolished by the East German government by about 1960. From 1960 through the German Reunification in 1990, Pariser Platz held only open fields on both sides of the major boulevard Unter den Linden. In 1992, the governments decided that a new American embassy building would be built on the site, and in 1993 a memorial announcing these plans was placed in the open field.

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Nice Berlin Hotel Tierpark photos

Some cool berlin hotel tierpark images:

berlin hotel tierpark
Image by Yashna M
I spiced it up with snowfall. This was shot in Tierpark, Berlin. And omg, it’s been such an amazing trip there! Seeing animals like; polar bears, giraffes, elephants, pumas, lamas, owls for the first time ever! but again i was freezing my ass off and we had to visit some other places so next time I’m definitely taking a whole day for the tierpark and another whole day for the other zoo in Berlin~
Everything was frozen there and it was the first time i had my snowball fight with my boyfriend:) (lots of first time in a day since i also got to touch a friendly giraffe!!!!!)

So yeah the small river was frozen, snow everywhere, a very pleasant view for a very lovely day there:)

For now I’m actually looking forward to my stay at the Hilton hotel from which i won a gift voucher last month:)

Prints are available~

Urlaub 2010 002
berlin hotel tierpark
Image by fannywolfgang
Enckevortweg, Friedrichsfelde, Berlin, Deutschland

Nice Winters Hotel Berlin photos

Some cool winters hotel berlin images:

Beijing 1988
winters hotel berlin
Image by Nick Kenrick.
After spending the winter in India . Indonesia and Thailand we traveled thru China in the months of April and May 1988 . from Hong Kong and eventually up to Beijing , where we got the Trans-Siberian train to East Berlin ( via Mongolia and Moscow ) and then we hitch hiked back to London .
China was very different then to what it is now . everyone wore the blue or green Mao suits and few cars . only bicycles .
there were very few travelers .

and we had two currencies to negotiate with … there was usually only one hotel in each town we were allowed to stay in and with language difficulties it was a hard but rewarding struggle .

we visited Kunming , Dali , Lijiang , Chengdu , Yangshuo and more

Texture with thanks to Skeletal Mess

winters hotel berlin
Image by jackson_digital

Cool Hotel Berlin Charlottenburg images

Check out these hotel berlin charlottenburg images:

Hotel Astoria
hotel berlin charlottenburg
Image by Gertrud K.
Fasanenstraße, Berlin
Festival of Lights 2008 – Buildings in several parts of the city are illuminated

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Berlin Charlottenburg, Hindemithplatz
hotel berlin charlottenburg
Image by micharl_be
Detail vom St. Georg-Brunnen, entworfen 1909 von Wilhelm Walter für das Hotel ‚Bayernhof‘.‘ Seit 1980 in Charlottenburg – nur ohne den St. Georg aus Bronze, der in der Nachkriegszeit abhanden gekommen ist.