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Berlin Wall – 23
art hotel berlin
Image by Ed Yourdon
(more details later, as time permits)


I’m not sure what I expected when I walked out of my hotel one morning during my vacation visit, jumped into a taxi, and asked the driver to take me to the Berlin Wall — but not this.

My driver patiently explained, in English that was far superior to anything I might have dreamed of attempting in German, that there was really one one section of the wall (also known as the East Side Gallery) that remained intact — on Mülenstraße, which was only a few kilometers from my hotel. So off we went, and my driver smiled as I got out of the cab, with a pleasant request to “Enjoy yourself!”

I’m not sure “enjoy” is how I would characterize this experience … but it was one that I’m certainly glad that I had. The section of the wall along which I walked was separated from the Spree River by a grassy knoll about 50 yards wide (though I subsequently learned that the border itself, back in those days, was the river) … so I could get some distance and perspective as I looked at some of the vivid artwork. And that was on the “back side” of the wall; there was more street art on the “front side” that ran along Mühlenstraße. I walked both sides, several times, and did my best to photograph everything…

I don’t think there’s much point in my translating, explaining, or even commenting on the photos you can see here; there are 105 altogether, and they speak for themselves, with messages that are pretty self-explanatory. There may be a few phrases in German that you don’t understand; but Google will help you out.

One of the signs commemorated the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany—which, of course, was an almost immediate consequence of the collapse of East Germany, and the dismantling of the wall. But it made me wonder: how long will any of this last? It’s obviously meaningful to me and my generation; and if my parents were alive, I’m sure it would take their breath away. As for my children’s generation, and their children’s generation … well, who knows?

And a hundred years from now, will any part of this one small stretch of the old wall, which runs for only 1.3 kilometers, still be standing?

Image from page 170 of „The Argonaut“ (1877)
art hotel berlin
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: argonaut571905sanf
Title: The Argonaut
Year: 1877 (1870s)
Subjects: Journalism
Publisher: San Francisco, Calif. : Argonaut Pub. Co.
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: California State Library Califa/LSTA Grant

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the honorof highest percentage, both in theory as wellas technical work in that examination. Thisand other successes have been rewarded byunsolicited compliments from such artists asEugene DAlbert, Louis Maas, Calaxin, La-valle, Camilla Urso, and professors of theRoyal High School of Music in Berlin.An efficient class of teachers is engaged bvProfessor Bonelli in all branches of musicparticular attention being given to piano andharmony. Painting Perspective Anatomy DAY CLASSES, NIGHT CLASSES,SATURDAY CLASSES. School now open. For terms apply at theoffice of the school, corner of Pine and MasonStreets, or by mail to the assistant secretaryMark Hopkins Institute of Art. Exhibition of Paintings BY Prominent California ArtistsOCCIDENTAL HOTEL PARLORS CLOSES September 14th H. W. Hansens Entire Collection FREDERIC JUNIOR — Wm. Morris, the veteran art dealer,is fitting up new quarters at 317 Sutter Street, es-pecially designed by him for the classification anddisplay of his art collection.

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Yon Ought to have an Autopiano It has been reserved for the twentieth century to see the perfection of theAUTOPIANO. It is a mistake to suppose that the results to be obtained from thisinstrument are purely mechanical. The man who can not read a note, and who nevertouched a keyboard, may learn in a surprisingly short time to control the mechanismand obtain effects of tempo, accent, and dynamic contrasts heretofore only possible toa Liszt or a Paderewski. It places within the reach of people unable to play any in-strument the possibilities of hearing the best music in their homes, and hearing itartistically played. If you have a piano and no one to play it. or if you love the great musical com-positions and are unable to hear them in your own home, you should have an AUTO-PIAXO. It is capable of giving greater pleasure to the listener than the pianist ofeven more than average ability, and it is said by many that the enjoyment of the per-former in giving all his attention to shading and

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art hotel berlin
Image by rafeejewell
Second Life holiday parties was an incredible mix of trance, dnb, electronica, dark psy, goa, minimal, proggy, acid, experimental, industrial, noize, tribal, jazz, live music, country, blues, reggae, salsa, classical, opera, and Christmas music. I heard it all and then some.

I love music of all kinds. If it’s good, it’s worth listening to, so don’t start with the nose-up-in-the-air over your favorite genre. Believe me… good music will always find an audience. An audience of sophisticated listeners will stop to listen to any good sound… even if it isn’t part of your normal repertoire.

What is amazing is that dj’s and musicians around the world know this, and they borrow from all genres to create their own personal sounds.

Here in Second Life, we get the results from around the world. World music mixes with the trendy sounds of the day, and we get the sounds that we love so much.

I want to thank all the dj’s, musicians, club owners and event makers in SL. You guys made a holiday scene like no other. APPLAUSE & BRAVO ::::

Special thanks to you <3:

Dance Island
Musik Hauz
BassLine Island
Electro Smog
Underground Artists
Club Neptune
Sphynx Jazz Club
8Wall’s Place
United Beats
Steam Punk Airship
Electro Violence
Ibiza the Island
Rancho Brasil
The Laundry
Asagao Treasures
Casablanca Hotel
Club Enigma
Jade’s Jazz Island
Instyle Fashion Agency
Grafton Mall
S&S Gallery
2nd Zone

… and kisses to ::

Without you guys, the party scene would be dull indeed!
<3 <3 <3
2009… here we goooooo!

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München – Neues Rathaus (10) und Mariensäule
universitaet berlin
Image by Pixelteufel
Das Neue Rathaus in München befindet sich am Marienplatz am Ende der Fußgängerzonen und ist Sitz des Oberbürgermeisters, des Stadtrates und der Stadtverwaltung und umfasst 400 Zimmer. Erbaut wurde es von 1867 bis 1909 nach Plänen des Baumeisters Georg von Hauberrissen in drei Bauabschnitten im neugotischen Stil.

Der Turm hat eine Höhe von 85 Metern und wird gekrönt vom »Münchener Kindl«. An der Turmspitze befindet sich das fünftgrößte Glockenspiel Europas. Es war zum ersten Mal 1908 zu hören. Die 43 Glocken der mechanischen Uhr spielen nacheinander vier verschiedene Melodien, zu denen insgesamt 32 Figuren den »Schäfflertanz« aufführen.

Der Keller ist eine Gaststätte: der Ratskeller.

München – die Landeshauptstadt des Freistaates Bayern, Deutschlands »heimliche« Hauptstadt. Mit 1,5 Mio. Einwohnern ist sie die größte Stadt Bayerns und die drittgrößte Deutschlands nach Berlin und Hamburg. Sie ist eine der wirtschaftlich erfolgreichsten und am schnellsten wachsenden Großstädte Deutschlands.

1158 wurde München erstmals urkundlich erwähnt. Im Jahre 1255 wurde die Stadt bayerischer Herzogsitz und ab 1328 kaiserliche Residenzstadt und ab 1506 wurde sie dann die Hauptstadt Bayerns.

München ist auch Sitz zahlreicher namhafter Firmen und Behörden sowie Universitäten und Hochschulen, bedeutender Museen und Theatern. Die große Anzahl sehenswürdiger Gebäude, internationaler Sportveranstaltungen, Messen, Kongresse und nicht zu vergessen das alljährliche Oktoberfest auf der Wies’n, ziehen Touristen aus aller Welt in die bayerische Metropole.