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Bochum – Eisenbahnmuseum Dahlhausen Preußische T 12 74 1192
Berlin Blankenburg
Image by Daniel Mennerich
The Prussian Class T 12 is an early, German, passenger train, tank locomotive built for the Prussian state railways in large numbers. These locomotives were superheated variants of the T 11.

Although the T 12 first appeared as early as 1902 in an experimental guise, series production did not start until 1905. Besides the Prussian state railways, the engine was also procured by the Imperial Railways in Alsace-Lorraine (25 units), the Lübeck-Büchen Railway and the Halberstadt-Blankenburg Railway.

The main sphere of operations for the T 12 was the Berlin area, where it worked the city network, ring railway and suburban lines as a predecessor of electric S-Bahn traction. The engines had to be capable of rapid acceleration when in charge of compartment coach trains in order to achieve acceptable journey times, due to the short distances between stations on some routes. The T 12 was therefore a very powerful locomotive with strong acceleration in both running directions. In 1921 a follow-on order of 40 locomotives was built by Borsig, because the fleet was not large enough. After the electrification of much of the S-Bahn network between 1924 and 1929 the locomotives were switched to normal passenger and goods train services and shunting.

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Alte Mälzerei Berlin Pankow 24-02-2015 5
eigentumswohnung berlin pankow
Image by Detlef Wieczorek
Die Mälzerei Pankow ist ein Gebäudeensemble in der Mühlenstraße 9 bis 11 im Berliner Bezirk Pankow. In der Mälzerei wurde bis 1945 auf industrielle Weise Malz für die Bierherstellung produziert. Die Schultheiss-Brauerei errichtete 1874 die ersten Bauten und erweiterte die Anlage bis 1902 mehrfach. Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg dienten Teile der Mälzerei bis 1989 als Lager. Bei der Sanierung 2008 bis 2011 wurden die unter Denkmalschutz stehenden Gebäude zu Eigentumswohnungen umgebaut.