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Zionskirche, Berlin
band berlin mitte
Image by der_triton
Diana F+ with 38mm lens with medium format (52 x 52 mm) (25mm equivalent on a 35mm camera)
color slide/x-pro film / 120 format / 200 iso / cross with c-41

In the late GDR the church was the venue of several punk and alternative rock concerts. 1987 silvio meyer co-organized a concert of the west-german band element of crime who were supported by the east-german punkband "die firma".

band berlin mitte
Image by Juska Wendland

Cool Hotels Berlin Mitte Friedrichstraße images

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Berlin Art Nouveau Splendid Hotel
hotels berlin mitte friedrichstraße
Image by joseph a
This hotel, located on a side street off of Friedrichstraße, was an awesome Art Nouveau surprise. It almost looks like it should belong more in Barcelona than Berlin.

Hotel Unter den Linden, Berlin Mitte
hotels berlin mitte friedrichstraße
Image by restmodern.de
before demolition: Hotel Unter den Linden, 2006 —

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